Marathon, Half Marathon,
Half Marathon Walk, & 5K Run
August 31, 2024
Madison & Monona, WI


Download the Ride With GPS App to your phone and then click on the link below to access your Starter features. You can share your location while you run, listen to voice Turn-By-Turn directions for the Rockin Brews Marathon and listen to your music too. This is the Auto-Approval code which allows you to access the maps without a subscription,

For help downloading maps and using the app for free, go to

If you would like to share your run, in real time, with your friends and family, you can upgrade your Starter subscription to subscription to a Basic or Premium subscription. Once you have upgraded, you will be able to receive messages and photos from them while you are running and they will be able to see where you are during the entire race. Click Here for instructions on using Live Logging.

For help on how to upgrade to a basic or premium subscription, Click Here